Touch Me, Feel Me by Darude
All of the paintings on these pages are original paintings done
entirely with Aerosol Spray Paint. And we NEVER use a paint
brush! Each piece of our artwork is an original painting
containing 'outer space-like' planets and objects, nature
scenes or fantasy artwork and much more.
Even if we try, it is
impossible to duplicate any one painting!  
Every painting is created completely with Aerosol Spray Paint
and we manipulate the paint in many ways, but NEVER use a
paint brush!
We DO NOT  condone  or  endorse  any  type  of  damaging,
destructive,  unwanted  or  illegal  spray  painting,  graffiti,  
or  tagging to  any  type  of  personal  or  public  property.

All images are exclusive property of Dart's Space Art. All rights reserved,
Please keep in mind, ALL paintings are considered  'custom' orders, therefore NO
Refunds or Returns will be accepted
Did you see the Blood Moon?
Here is our version.
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